The Importance of Knowing Your Body

In 2003 I began an interesting journey in my life.  Around May of that year I found a knot in my right breast.  It was very hard and felt totally different than anything I had felt before as I had been an advocate for years of women examining themselves on a regular basis.  Off I go to the doctor and the events begin. First another mammogram (They were current by the way.) Then an ultra sound and then a biopsy.  The phone call comes, and it is what I thought……the dreaded C word.  Then it seemed like a thousand questions appeared.  I turned within and sought God, my Creator.  I was led as to what to do.  Do not have a mastectomy as I was being instructed.  I ended up in Jan. of 2004 totally cancer free.  I went through surgery consisting of two lumpectomies, removal of 13 lymph nodes, four very rough chemo treatments, and 36 radiation treatments.    During this time I lost my first born son whom I adored with all my heart.  He had an undiagnosed heart ailment.  I attended his funeral one day from being released from the hospital without a hair on my body. Thankfully,  I have remained cancer free since then.  I was released from the oncologist in 2010.  I have continued with my regimen of self-examination and proclaiming to everyone the importance of self examination and how important it is to become familiar with your own body.  You should know what is normal for you and what isn’t.  This is just as true for men as it is for women.

Last week I found a very unusual formation in my chest area.  Off we go again.  First another mammogram and then another ultra sound.  My first thoughts were, “I been here before.”  I go within and find peace.  There was just peace there.  The test results were the formation my doctor and I  were feeling was scar tissue.  Hurrah  !

I am am not saying this has not been a hectic week because it has.  I was worked in at all these places.  I got lots of practice at sitting still and not thinking.  I am going to Florida in the morning for 11 days.  Now, I am believing I am going to have a wonderful time even if I have to take a bunch of work to do while I am there.

Thanks for the opportunity to be on my soap box again this week.


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