The debt of the USA: The pros and cons of capitalism

I have been pondering today about the economy in my country, the USA.  The Pope spoke today to the joint sessions of Congress.  Having lived all of his life in the deepest and darkest area of extreme poverty, he is obviously somewhat confused on the subject of capitalism. Without recourses it is impossible to help the poor.  My country, the good old US of A has been staying afloat with loans from other countries especially China.  This pattern cannot continue.  Since China has all of our jobs that used to be on our soil, we need to get them back.  Now, how do we do that.  Our exports have fallen to practical nothing, so therefore, we must get our jobs back on our soil.  How to do this can make a marvelous discussion.  Let the games begin with a host of ideas.  I will not tolerate any ugly language, ugly name calling, or negativity in this blog of ideas.  Thank you for your participation.


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