The Importance of Knowing Your Body

In 2003 I began an interesting journey in my life.  Around May of that year I found a knot in my right breast.  It was very hard and felt totally different than anything I had felt before as I had been an advocate for years of women examining themselves on a regular basis.  Off I go to the doctor and the events begin. First another mammogram (They were current by the way.) Then an ultra sound and then a biopsy.  The phone call comes, and it is what I thought……the dreaded C word.  Then it seemed like a thousand questions appeared.  I turned within and sought God, my Creator.  I was led as to what to do.  Do not have a mastectomy as I was being instructed.  I ended up in Jan. of 2004 totally cancer free.  I went through surgery consisting of two lumpectomies, removal of 13 lymph nodes, four very rough chemo treatments, and 36 radiation treatments.    During this time I lost my first born son whom I adored with all my heart.  He had an undiagnosed heart ailment.  I attended his funeral one day from being released from the hospital without a hair on my body. Thankfully,  I have remained cancer free since then.  I was released from the oncologist in 2010.  I have continued with my regimen of self-examination and proclaiming to everyone the importance of self examination and how important it is to become familiar with your own body.  You should know what is normal for you and what isn’t.  This is just as true for men as it is for women.

Last week I found a very unusual formation in my chest area.  Off we go again.  First another mammogram and then another ultra sound.  My first thoughts were, “I been here before.”  I go within and find peace.  There was just peace there.  The test results were the formation my doctor and I  were feeling was scar tissue.  Hurrah  !

I am am not saying this has not been a hectic week because it has.  I was worked in at all these places.  I got lots of practice at sitting still and not thinking.  I am going to Florida in the morning for 11 days.  Now, I am believing I am going to have a wonderful time even if I have to take a bunch of work to do while I am there.

Thanks for the opportunity to be on my soap box again this week.

What It Really Means To Be Seventy-one

On August 3rd. I turned 71.  Although I have been enjoying the senior citizen discounts and perks for awhile now, I have not spent much time actually thinking about being seventy-one.  When I stop and think about it, topics come to mind like:  How long will I live, Will I live ten more years, twenty more years, Where do I want to live, What do I need to do to lose some weight, What do I need to do to become totally healed from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, all kinds of Allergies, Asthma, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, how do I get more money, and the list goes on and on.  Therefore, it is much better not to think about being 71.  My mind is extremely young; it is just my body that gives me a fit.  Oh, I believe in natural healing, and have tried every type of snake oil that has come down the pike.  I believe in miraculous healing and have prayed for years for one.  So, my solution is to maintain an extremely positive attitude about everything because that is what makes me happy.  I do not like negativity of any form.  It is a parasite and drains your energy.

 Now I have become a part of the MKMMA.  This is a big undertaking when you have CFS.  I have completed one week of time to this endeavor and have been bombarded with all kinds of new methods of life.  That is exactly what it is………a new way of life.  I think I am doing OK with it so far.  I love the teaching.  It is exactly what I need at this time in my life.  I know all of the newness will become easier as time moves along.  I can say with total truth one thing being seventy-one means:  it means learning new tasks are more difficult especially all the new technology.  I have not blogged before, participated in online webinars or followed directions to the absolute.  Of course, I have followed directions before in school, college, my career, etc.  In thinking about those days, they just seem to have been so totally effortless.  I have a strong feeling I may have just forgotten how difficult being a perfectionest really is, or it could just be age and health related.  Irregardless, I am going to complete this endeavor in style and confidence.  Thanks for the opportunity to be on my soap box for a little while tonight.  Life is good, and it does not matter how old or young you are.

The debt of the USA: The pros and cons of capitalism

I have been pondering today about the economy in my country, the USA.  The Pope spoke today to the joint sessions of Congress.  Having lived all of his life in the deepest and darkest area of extreme poverty, he is obviously somewhat confused on the subject of capitalism. Without recourses it is impossible to help the poor.  My country, the good old US of A has been staying afloat with loans from other countries especially China.  This pattern cannot continue.  Since China has all of our jobs that used to be on our soil, we need to get them back.  Now, how do we do that.  Our exports have fallen to practical nothing, so therefore, we must get our jobs back on our soil.  How to do this can make a marvelous discussion.  Let the games begin with a host of ideas.  I will not tolerate any ugly language, ugly name calling, or negativity in this blog of ideas.  Thank you for your participation.